This Fight Isn’t About Who Keeps the Billy Joel Albums: Maryland Divorce Firm Served With Trade Secret Misappropriation Suit Alleging $350 Million in Damages

By April 8, 2015Trade Secrets

90063Now THIIS is one we’ve never seen before at Sullivan’s Trade Secrets.  Law360 is reporting that a Maryland-based divorce firm has been sued in federal court in Maryland for allegedly stealing and copying a computer program designed and owned by a couple of companies owned and operated by Donald Bailey Sr. Who is Donald Bailey Sr.?!?  Apparently the soon-to-be-ex-husband of Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Bailey is represented in the divorce action by Joseph, Greenwald and Laake’s Stephen Friedman.

What is Mr. Friedman allegedly doing with this computer program?  Well, according to Donald Bailey Sr., Mr. Friedman “allegedly uploaded and copied more than 800 pages of client information and copyrighted code that belonged to Bailey’s companies. Other government contractors will now be able to edge out his product in bidding because the security of his program was compromised when his wife stole it and handed it off to the divorce attorney.”

The computer program in question is owned by plaintiffs Zegato Solutions Inc. and Aldmyr Systems Inc., both Bailey’s companies, according to the complaint.  Bailey apparently alleges that the fact that Mr. Friedman and soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Bailey possess the program and won’t return it to Bailey’s companies depletes and depreciates the value of the program in his/their hands because the code’s security now has to be identified to all potential purchasers as compromised.  Bailey Sr. also apparently claims that Mr. Friedman and Mrs. Bailey are using their possession of the code as a “bargaining chip” and are trying to extract $1.5 million for its safe return.

Well – that’s a new twist in the world of trade secrets.  We’ll keep an eye on this one for you.



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