New York Times Says FBI Has Been Investigating St. Louis Cardinals for Stealing Trade Secrets of Houston Astros

Cardinals Rule . . . The New York Times is now reporting that FBI investigators “have uncovered evidence that St. Louis Cardinals officials broke into a network of the Houston Astros that housed special databases the team had built . . . .”  According to the report,  “[i]nternal discussions about trades, proprietary statistics and scouting reports were compromised.”  Also according to the report, the FBI believes that Cardinals officials gained access to the Astros’ database by using a list of passwords associated with Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow dating to his tenure with the Cardinals from 2003 until he left for Houston after the 2011 season.

The author of this blog has worked with FBI investigators in investigating corporate espionage matters.  Suffice it to say that the federal government has assembled a team of forensic sleuth types who are truly skilled and thorough.  These types of reports are not usually released before the FBI is about to conclude their work.  I would predict we’ll hear more about this in the next few weeks.  We’ll report back while keeping an eye on this one.